Ten Effective Ways to Develop Leadership

Ten Effective Ways to Develop Leadership Skills 1. Ask your employees about their personal lives and get to know them as human beings. Show you truly care about your employees. Some questions to ask:

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Ten Effective Ways to Develop Leadership Skills


BECOMING A “CAN’T MISS” SALES PROFESSIONAL Zig Ziglar said, “In the sales world, qualities such as organization, discipline, commitment combined with sales knowledge, a caring

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Ten Reasons for Working Remotely

Reduced Commuting Costs. This covers gas and auto maintenance costs, no more separate wardrobes for work and for the rest of your life, and you can save on food costs as well as expensive coffee if yo

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Ten Reasons for Working Remotely

Ten Ways to Get Things Done Without Auth

In today’s business environment it seems like having influence is becoming more and more important. Without influence it’s difficult to accomplish what you really need to get done. It coul

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Ten Ways to Get Things Done Without Authority Using Influence

Ten Ways to Increase Your Emotional Inte

So the key to emotional intelligence is to develop your awareness of your emotions, then understand them, then how to manage them. Once you master this then you can better recognize and understand oth

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Ten Ways to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence

Organizing for Success

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Are you overwhelmed, stressed out, or feel burned out?

Do have difficulty getting all your work done in  a day?

Do you go home feeling less than fulfilled? Guilty you have to take time away from family?

Do you think about work all night long or keep working once everyone else goes to bed?

When you go to work the next day do you feel like you never left?

How is this course different? What advantages does it offer?

This course is based on 19 years of research and examination of over 1000 Timekeeping Journals. Since the first step in improving the use of your time is finding out where it is being used, participants keep track of their time for a week before they come to this class. This is the only course that asks participants to keep a Timekeeping Journal. (Peter Drucker encouraged leaders to keep track of their time for a month.)  The tips, tools, ideas, and strategies are always ahead of what others are teaching which is often over 10 years old. Isn’t it time for new ideas since the workload has tripled?

This course focuses on organizing events, activities, and interruptions (or requests) using strategic decision-making to produce improved results rather than managing time (the outdated method.)

Instead of learning outdated time management techniques, participants learn strategic decision-making skills they can use to organize and manage a “typical, chaotic” day.  Participants discover resources they can use to their advantage to improve their results. Instead of trying to manage time participants learn how to manage activities, events, conflicting priorities, interruptions, and urgency so they can get more of what matters most done each day. Participants learn how to have more discipline, the 3 Keys to Improving Productivity, The “Veggie Principle”, and that it’s all about quality not quantity.

The author (expert) not a trainer teaches this course and its application.

Ken Zeigler teaches this course. Participants can bring their actual questions and problems and get tips, ideas, and strategies that work. Ken Zeigler has over 20 years public-speaker and training experience. He brings a lively, engaging style to each program and offers proven solutions and stories from other participants that make the concepts memorable and applicable. There is no theory, just real life examples.

This course uses application-based team activities at the end of each module.

At the end of each Chapter participants are given the opportunity to discuss actual examples from their own work situations in a small group format and develop strategies for improving individual and team performance. Overall, participants are active for more than two-thirds of the day and complete over 10 different small group exercises.

This course is “customized” to your group’s needs.

You can choose from the modules below so the program best fits the needs of your target group. The subjects you choose determine how long the class will take, from two-hours to a full-day. A conference call before your workshop is included so Mr. Zeigler can understand the challenges your group faces and what a “typical” day is like for your group. That way he can explain how to apply the strategies in a way that makes more sense to your group.

The Modules that make up Organizing for Success:

  • Module 1 – Developing a Single, Customized Master List (paper or electronic) to Become More Strategic  and Effective
  • Module 2 – Planning & Organizing a More Effective Day & Week – Using Strategic Thought, Energy,  and  Your Resources                  
  • Module 3 – Managing Interruptions So You Can Focus On What Matters Most
  • Module 4 – Asking the Right Questions to Prioritize Competing Priorities and Giving Others Your Priorities (so they get done)
  • Module 5 – Managing & Controlling Email (Using Outlook and Its Tools More Effectively)
  • Module 6 – Organizing Your Writing to Improve Your Results and Get Things Done
  • Module 7 – Planning & Organizing Your Projects to Get Your Desired Outcome
  • Module 8 – Planning, Organizing, & Facilitating an Effective Meeting (with Results)
  • Module 9 – Delegating to Empower & Develop
  • Module 10 – Organizing Your Desk & Developing the Correct File System (In Your Desk and Email)
  • Module 11 – Finding Two More Hours a Day (Using the Timekeeping Journal)
  • Module 12 – Managing & Overcoming Procrastination

This course can be offered in full or half-day classroom format as well as Facilitated Discussion. There is also a Site License and Train-the-Trainer available. Let’s set up 15 minutes to discuss your questions and how this course could fit your needs!

Please email me at kzeigler@kztraining.com or call me directly at (800) 835-6839. Look forward to hearing from you!


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