Ten Effective Ways to Develop Leadership

Ten Effective Ways to Develop Leadership Skills 1. Ask your employees about their personal lives and get to know them as human beings. Show you truly care about your employees. Some questions to ask:

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Ten Effective Ways to Develop Leadership Skills


BECOMING A “CAN’T MISS” SALES PROFESSIONAL Zig Ziglar said, “In the sales world, qualities such as organization, discipline, commitment combined with sales knowledge, a caring

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Ten Reasons for Working Remotely

Reduced Commuting Costs. This covers gas and auto maintenance costs, no more separate wardrobes for work and for the rest of your life, and you can save on food costs as well as expensive coffee if yo

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Ten Reasons for Working Remotely

Ten Ways to Get Things Done Without Auth

In today’s business environment it seems like having influence is becoming more and more important. Without influence it’s difficult to accomplish what you really need to get done. It coul

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Ten Ways to Get Things Done Without Authority Using Influence

Ten Ways to Increase Your Emotional Inte

So the key to emotional intelligence is to develop your awareness of your emotions, then understand them, then how to manage them. Once you master this then you can better recognize and understand oth

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Ten Ways to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence

The Path to Becoming Highly Effective

Today individual contributors, sales professionals, and leaders are drowning in a sea of meetings, emails, interruptions, reports, and short-term immediate demands. Sound familiar? Do you find yourself working late or taking your work home daily? Is your list longer at the end of the day than it was when you started?  How would you like to take control of your day, manage email more effectively, manage interruptions, prioritize more quickly and accurately, finish more of what matters most, achieve your goals, and enjoy your personal life more?

This application-based course, The Path to Becoming Highly Effective will show you how to correctly determine the optimal time and a place for each activity or action that will improve what you’re accomplishing daily/weekly. By learning how to allocate your time and energy you can think ahead, ask better questions, clarify expectations, re-prioritize on the fly as your day is changing, and improve your daily and weekly results. In addition, you’ll learn how to manage, leverage, and utilize technology (Outlook, iPad,  and/or smart phone) to enhance your daily/weekly results.

To save time and become more strategic it is important to question and validate everything you are doing, daily and weekly, plus look for new ways to proactively handle a typical overwhelming day. Improving the quality of your communication is actually the fastest way to become more effective. These days most people have too many lists or none at all. You will learn how to develop your own, customized list (only one) to track what you need to accomplish, details, requests, projects, thoughts, and ideas. It can be paper or electronic (based on your preference.) Becoming more effective starts with a single, effective list.

You will learn how to get off to a faster start each day and feel fulfilled when you leave. Wouldn’t you like to learn how to develop mental separation between work and home to increase the quality of your personal life and recharge for the next day? There is no correlation between how long you work daily and productivity. It’s not about how many tasks you start a day, it’s about how many you finish. You’ll have a good reason for everything you checked off and everything you didn’t.

KEY TAKEAWAYS (You’ll learn to)

  • Take control of your day instead of your day taking control of you!
  • Get off to a faster start each day so you can leave on time
  • Organize your day and week so you get more done in less time
  • Use your resources and energy to your advantage
  • Develop one customized list that does what you need it to do
  • Use Outlook more effectively to control/manage email
  • Organize and write better e-mail that gets answered sooner
  • Ask better questions to prioritize accurately and negotiate new requests
  • Give others specific deadlines and communicate your expectations positively
  • Slow down so you improve your execution and strategic thought
  • Leave work at work mentally (so you don’t think about it all night)
  • Accomplish more than just putting out fires all day long
  • Assess and manage interruptions quickly so they don’t derail your day

The results of this course are immediate and lasting. This customized course is available in half or full-day as well as Virtual Learning. All the activities are done in teams and this course is very interactive.


Module One – How to Develop a Single, Customized Master List to Increase Your Effectiveness

Module Two – How to Plan and Organize a More Effective Day/Week (Save up to Two Hours a Day)

Module Three – How to Take Control of Your Day (Become the Ringmaster Instead of the Beast)

Module Four – How to Quickly and Correctly Prioritize Every Request (and Give Others Your Priorities)

Module Five – How to Utilize Outlook (Gmail or Lotus Notes) More Effectively (The Key Tips)

Module Six – How to Organize Your Writing So It’s More Effective (Take less time to write with faster results.)

Module Seven – How to Organize, Streamline Your Projects (So they hit the mark by your deadline.)

Module Eight – How to Delegate More Effectively (to empower and develop others)

Module Nine – How to Plan and Execute a More Effective Meeting (so there are fewer meetings)

Module Ten – How to Set-up the Correct File System (so you can find everything in less time)

Module Eleven – How to Use a Timekeeping Journal to Find Two More Hours a Day

Module Twelve – How to Recognize and Overcome Procrastination

**Customize the program you schedule by choosing the modules that best fit the needs of your group!

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