A study recently conducted by the Draugiem Group used a computer application to track employees’ work habits. Specifically, the application measured how much time people spent on various tasks and compared this to their productivity levels.In the process of measuring people’s activity, they stumbled upon a fascinating finding: the length of the workday didn’t matter much; what mattered was how people structured their day. In particular, people who were religious about taking short breaks were far more productive than those who worked longer hours.The goal is to work 50 optimal minutes then rest (i.e. get a beverage, take a work, make a non-work related call, “light” email.) The goal is to keep yourself fresh throughout the day. The mind tends to be more focused and effective in short time frames rather than longer ones. By taking this 10 minute break, the mind gets a chance to relax and recharge, thus producing another strong 50 minutes after the break ends. If whatever you’re working on is going to take longer than 50 minutes, break it down into smaller parts that would fit this strategy.