Ten Effective Ways to Develop Leadership

Ten Effective Ways to Develop Leadership Skills 1. Ask your employees about their personal lives and get to know them as human beings. Show you truly care about your employees. Some questions to ask:

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Ten Effective Ways to Develop Leadership Skills


BECOMING A “CAN’T MISS” SALES PROFESSIONAL Zig Ziglar said, “In the sales world, qualities such as organization, discipline, commitment combined with sales knowledge, a caring

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The Ten Tips of Christmas

TIP ONE – How to Increase Your Analytical or Strategic Thinking The faster you go, the less control you will feel. Here are ten steps you can take to become a more analytic or strategic thinker:

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The Ten Tips of Christmas

Ten Ways to Get Things Done Without Auth

In today’s business environment it seems like having influence is becoming more and more important. Without influence it’s difficult to accomplish what you really need to get done. It coul

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Ten Ways to Get Things Done Without Authority Using Influence

Ten Ways to Increase Your Emotional Inte

So the key to emotional intelligence is to develop your awareness of your emotions, then understand them, then how to manage them. Once you master this then you can better recognize and understand oth

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Ten Ways to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence

Virtual Learning Environment – Micro Learning

Our Cutting-Edge Micro-Learning Video Series

Ken Zeigler has always been focused on creating an interactive classroom environment.  As an industry leader he originally developed this micro-learning program with Tennessee Tech University in 2002 as part of the distant learning program they were developing for the University of Georgia and Georgia Tech.

Now we offer Micro Learning by breaking learning into shorter five to ten minute video sessions.  These are perfect for leaders, sales professionals, and individual contributors who don’t have the time to attend longer learning sessions.

There are roughly 48 short videos participants can watch on you LMS platform. They can access these short, hard-hitting videos via computer, IPad, or smartphone. These videos blend the humor and ability to relate to the material with cutting edge tips, tools, and strategies that have an immediate impact. As a result, the completion rate for this video series far exceeds the eLearning industry results (98% completion ratio.)

Best of all, there is a small one-time fee (so that all of your employees have access to this series) that reduces the cost to less than $10 per participant!

We Also Offer Webinars

With feedback from our participants we have created a virtual classroom with a customized environment where participants can access our expert to ask questions on the module strategies both during and after the class. We combine real-time desktop sharing with phone conferencing utilizing Cisco’s Webex ™ Event Center platform, so learners receive the full benefit of live instruction.  Utilizing this world class technology provides you with several advantages of an integrated virtual classroom including:

Live and Memorable Experience 

We capture your participants’ attention by sharing documents, presentations, and applications in real time.  Streaming video of our presenter, audio and live chat delivers a true multi-media experience unlike any you have ever experienced in a virtual classroom.  If a participant can’t make the live session, record it for playback and have them view it within 30 days.

Reduced Costs

Dramatically reduced travel costs by allowing your employees to attend Webinars from any internet enabled computer.  You can significantly reduce training costs to as low as $10 per participant – there’s no better value for a high quality live learning experience.

Easy to Manage Events

We can optionally help you to manage webinar details with automated invites, confirmations, and reminders prior to your webinar.  With questionnaires and polls we can provide you with feedback on your participants experience giving you better control and management of each webinar.

Secure, Scale-able Service

WebEx Event Center is delivered on demand over the WebEx MediaTone™ Network, a private global network.  No new software or hardware is required, making it easy to implement and easy to scale for large groups and any number of events.  The MediaTone Network offers better than 99.99% reliability, as well as robust security.  Your information is never persistently stored on our servers and 128-bit SSL and AES encryption ensures all your events are private and secure.  And WebEx is SAS 70 and WebTrust™ certified.

By enabling this set of virtual tools along with live, interactive elements we can reduce your organization’s administrative burden while significantly improving the participant experience.  The content is delivered through the virtual environment, helping to enable greater business productivity and faster responses to market changes while taking advantage of the Collaboration Cloud to provide highly secure, reliable, quality collaborative experiences.

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