Eight Ways to Increase Your Work/Life Ba

Work-life balance is a concept that describes the ideal of splitting one’s time and energy between work and the outside work aspects of their life. Achieving work-life balance is a daily challen

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Eight Ways to Increase Your Work/Life Balance in 2020
19 Ways to be a Pro at Home

The Ten Most Underrated Skills Today

1. Few would disagree that self-awareness is unrelated to leadership success, but it rarely makes the top 10 list of key leadership competencies. Self-awareness is the starting point for authenticity

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The Ten Most Underrated Skills Today

Getting Things Done Using Influence

In today’s business environment it seems like having influence is becoming more and more important. Without influence it’s difficult to accomplish what you really need to get done. It coul

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Getting Things Done Using Influence

Increasing Your Emotional Intelligence

So the key to emotional intelligence is to develop your awareness of your emotions, then understand them, then how to manage them. Once you master this then you can better recognize and understand oth

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Increasing Your Emotional Intelligence

Setting the Standard for Training for over 22 Years

 Watch Ken Zeigler on “Money Matters”

jpeg Welcome to Zeigler Training & Development. We are passionate about developing cutting edge learning solutions that “move the needle.” We have been designing, developing, and delivering learning since 1996. We would also like to get to know your training vision and how we can help you achieve that vision.

Our company is dedicated to providing the best training courses available using our unique, customized training approach. .Our goal is that by the end of each class, each participant will be excited and anxious to get back to work and try the ideas, tips, tools, and strategies they have learned.

Our courses are continuously updated each year to assure the most cutting-edge ideas and strategies. Our application-based training courses are developed to improve each participant’s skill set immediately so that new skill can develop into a habit more quickly and become a long-term improvement.

As opposed to other training companies, we customize our courses by focusing on your specific needs. We do not offer “cookie-cutter” or “vanilla” course materials. All of our courses are also available in multiple formats: classroom, eLearning, and micro-learning.

In addition, we can develop customized training courses for you so that your group can focus on your internal clients and delivering training solutions that move the needle. Finally, our courses give you the option to teach any course we’ve developed, utilizing our train-the-trainer option, or we can conduct the training for you.

You can also purchase a Site License for any course we offer and receive all of the materials electronically. There is a low-cost one time fee that gets the cost down to roughly $15 per participant.

We hope that after you review the courses and Virtual solutions we offer, you will contact us so we can discuss your specific needs or send you additional information. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you in the near future. Thank you for visiting Zeigler Training & Development

Ken Zeigler

Chief Executive Officer

Contact Us

Zeigler Learning LLC
15825 Northstone Dr.
Huntersville, NC 28078

Toll Free: 1-800-835-6839

Email: KZeigler@KZTraining.com