7 New Ways to Productivity

Productivity Improvement Starts with Improving Your Awareness The first step in improving your daily results (work and personal) is to become more of your time and how you’re using it. That will

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7 New Ways to Productivity


BECOMING A “CAN’T MISS” SALES PROFESSIONAL Zig Ziglar said, “In the sales world, qualities such as organization, discipline, commitment combined with sales knowledge, a caring

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The Ten Tips of Christmas

TIP ONE – How to Increase Your Analytical or Strategic Thinking The faster you go, the less control you will feel. Here are ten steps you can take to become a more analytic or strategic thinker:

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The Ten Tips of Christmas

Ten Ways to Get Things Done Without Auth

In today’s business environment it seems like having influence is becoming more and more important. Without influence it’s difficult to accomplish what you really need to get done. It coul

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Ten Ways to Get Things Done Without Authority Using Influence

Ten Ways to Increase Your Emotional Inte

So the key to emotional intelligence is to develop your awareness of your emotions, then understand them, then how to manage them. Once you master this then you can better recognize and understand oth

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Ten Ways to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence

How to Sell More by Asking the Right Questions

Course Overview

Research has consistently shown that in successful calls the buyer talks more than the seller and the seller ask more questions.  In today’s market a sales and customer service force must not only be able to sell a competitive advantage; they must be a competitive advantage.  In order to do that, they must develop the core questioning skills to a new and higher level of proficiency.  They must sell, communicate value, build relationships, and develop solutions.

This program is designed to give you an advantage when talking to clients and prospects.  It can be modified to each specific group you want to develop.  This program explores and develops the core questioning skills required to do a superior job in creating customer value by focusing on the following key skill areas:

  • Building the customer relationship (that lasts)
  • Asking the right questions to engage your customer or prospect
  • Active Listening (so customers and prospects feel comfortable and secure)
  • Demonstrating capability (using a story to demonstrate your abilities)
  • Establishing credibility (how to have a conversation)
  • Opening and closing the call (using the right mix of open and closed-ended questions)
  • Handling tough objections (with the right tone and skillful questions)  Creating a win-win situation.

Course Breakdown

Module One – Planning Before the Call

  • Know where you want to end up.
  • Have an objective.
  • Have your questions ready before you take or make the call.
  • During the call, assess your progress and be prepared to adjust the call and your objective based on how the conversation is going.
  • Team Activity – How could you improve your planning process?

Module Two – Asking the Right Questions

  • Bringing value can be achieved just as well by the thoughtful question as by fact telling.
  • Asking questions helps you understand their situation and enables you to offer a thoughtful solution later in the discussion.
  • Well-planned questions go a long way in establishing your credibility
  • Follow-up questions help drill down to gain a better understanding of the problems facing the customer
  • The difference between open and close ended questions (how and when to use them)
  • Using questions to find out what the true situation is
  • Using questions to engage and build trust
  • Team Activity – Improving questions using actual past examples

Module Three – How to Listen Well

  •  Listening well is not only hearing what the customer says but actually listening to what’s been said.
  • How to show the customer you have listened.
  • How to overcome the biggest mistake – talking too much – listening too little – and don’t ask enough questions.
  • How to make the customer feel comfortable and secure
  • How to test your understanding of what the customer or prospect has said
  • How to demonstrate you understand what the customer has said
  • Why taking notes is so important
  • How to build agreement
  • Team Activity – Practice improving your listening skills (using realistic examples)

Module Four – Make Your Calls Engaging Conversations

  • Why conversations are more engaging than presentations
  • How to talk with instead of talk at.
  • How to convey a desire for mutual understanding and comprehension.
  • How to take a call to a personal level so it feels authentic … and real.
  • How to develop fresh ideas and creative insights to address your customer’s needs that are both new and challenging.
  • How to become an adviser they can trust, not simply a product facilitator. How to move beyond product pitches.
  • How to develop your conversational intelligence by focusing on the other person and making it easy for the other person to be engaged.
  • Team Activity – Practice making your calls more conversational (using a “typical” call)

Module Five – Handling Tough Objections and/or Situations

  • How to just be really helpful
  • How to find out through questions and active listening what the real issue or need is and develop a solution to solve it
  • Using questions to make sure they have all the facts correct (sometimes they have incorrect information or perception)
  • How to develop a consensus on the best solution
  • Team Activity – Discuss a past situation and practice handling the call more effectively in the future

Final Activity – How Could You Improve Your Planning, Questioning and Listening Skills?

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