The Great Leadership Failure

People don’t quit their job, they quit their boss. People don’t quit their job, they quit their boss. Many leaders have been afraid up until this pandemic to allow team member to work from home, n

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The Great Leadership Failure

Eight Ways to Increase Your Work/Life Ba

Work-life balance is a concept that describes the ideal of splitting one’s time and energy between work and the outside work aspects of their life. Achieving work-life balance is a daily challen

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Eight Ways to Increase Your Work/Life Balance in 2020
19 Ways to be a Pro at Home

The Ten Most Underrated Skills Today

1. Few would disagree that self-awareness is unrelated to leadership success, but it rarely makes the top 10 list of key leadership competencies. Self-awareness is the starting point for authenticity

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The Ten Most Underrated Skills Today

Getting Things Done Using Influence

In today’s business environment it seems like having influence is becoming more and more important. Without influence it’s difficult to accomplish what you really need to get done. It coul

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Getting Things Done Using Influence

Increasing Your Emotional Intelligence

So the key to emotional intelligence is to develop your awareness of your emotions, then understand them, then how to manage them. Once you master this then you can better recognize and understand oth

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Increasing Your Emotional Intelligence

Getting Results with Your Communication

Course Overview

The single, fastest way to improve productivity and effectiveness is communication. The single, fastest way to disengage is lack of communication. With leaders, sales professionals, and individual contributors all working from home, the stakes have never been higher

How This Course is Different

  1. This course shows participants how select the right method for communicating with others based on what they need to accomplish.
  2. This course shows participants how to become more effective by making their communication more specific and to the point.
  3. This course shows participants how to reduce the amount of communication needed by planning their email, phone call, and virtual meetings.
  4. This course shows participants how to better understand the person or persons he or she is trying to communicate with, to “customize” that communication to achieve better results.
  5. Participants learn the value of tone and how to be aware of how he or she is perceived by the other person.
  6. Participants learn how to motivate others using the correct communication.
  7. Participants learn how to choose different Apps (like Slack) to stay connected with co-workers (both for work needs and social interaction.)
  8. Participants learn what is the right amount to communicate based on the other person’s needs.
  9. Participants learn how to eliminate questions and misunderstandings.
  10. This course costs far less than longer courses and is proven more effective. You can choose from three formats; half-day classroom, WebEx, or micro-learning.

All of the exercises are done in interactive teams.

What You Will Learn

  • How to choose the right medium to communicate with your peers and others (i.e. email, phone, face-to-face, meeting)
  • How to know what really matters most to your leader
  • How to communicate what matters most to you to your peers and others
  • How to negotiate the requests you receive so you get more of your important work done
  • How to motivate others to give you what you need by when you need it
  • How to write and talk more specifically to eliminate questions and misunderstandings
  • How to “batch” your relationship-building with co-workers (how to cut down on chit-chat but set-up times to communicate more effectively, i.e. breaks and lunch)
  • How to utilize the phone and voice mail more effectively (getting others to leave you better voice mail and how to leave them the right information one time)
  • How to get others write you email that is more concise and to the point (communicate to your co-workers and others the best way to write to you)
  • Hot to prepare for meetings so you are prepared to maximize your participation
  • How to give better direction to others so its clear as to exactly what you need and by when
  • How to communicate your expectations so when you delegate tasks or projects its clear as to what you want done
  • How to ask the right questions of your leader and others so that every request doesn’t seem like the same priority (when you’re not sure what order to work on tasks)
  • How to seek clarification when the message isn’t clear from someone else

Improving Communications Action Plan – What are You Going to Do to Improve How You Communicate with Others

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