The Great Leadership Failure

People don’t quit their job, they quit their boss. People don’t quit their job, they quit their boss. Many leaders have been afraid up until this pandemic to allow team member to work from home, n

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The Great Leadership Failure

Eight Ways to Increase Your Work/Life Ba

Work-life balance is a concept that describes the ideal of splitting one’s time and energy between work and the outside work aspects of their life. Achieving work-life balance is a daily challen

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Eight Ways to Increase Your Work/Life Balance in 2020
19 Ways to be a Pro at Home

The Ten Most Underrated Skills Today

1. Few would disagree that self-awareness is unrelated to leadership success, but it rarely makes the top 10 list of key leadership competencies. Self-awareness is the starting point for authenticity

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The Ten Most Underrated Skills Today

Getting Things Done Using Influence

In today’s business environment it seems like having influence is becoming more and more important. Without influence it’s difficult to accomplish what you really need to get done. It coul

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Getting Things Done Using Influence

Increasing Your Emotional Intelligence

So the key to emotional intelligence is to develop your awareness of your emotions, then understand them, then how to manage them. Once you master this then you can better recognize and understand oth

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Increasing Your Emotional Intelligence

Planning & Making Presentations that Get Results

How This Course is Different
  1. This course is taught by a speaker with over 30 years experience
  2. This course not only shows you how to deliver dynamic presentations but also how to prepare, what information to include, and organize those key points in the right order.
  3. How to “lead” your audience through your presentation.
  4. This course also shows you how to create engaging PowerPoint slides that inform and engage your audience.
  5. This course shows you how to utilize handouts currently so participants can focus on your presentation and have a takeaway.
  6. This course offers each participant the chance to be video-taped three times, receive feedback, and see improvement before the end of the program.
  7. Participants learn how to engage their audience with improved eye contact, a more deliberate pace, and voice inflection.
  8. How to become more aware of your audience to interpret interest level in each part of your presentation.
  9. How to use gestures, facial expressions, and movement to bring your story to life.
  10. How to handle questions effortlessly.

Course Description

This fun, interactive one-day course is taught by the well-known public speaker and author Ken Zeigler. He has over 30 years’ experience. It is designed to give participants tips, tools, ideas, and strategies to make their presentations more effective.  His “hands-on” approach shows participants how to plan their presentation, what information to include, and how to organize it, so it creates their desired outcome or result.  Even the most panic-stricken participant will feel more confident and comfortable after taking this class.  This class is taught from the participant’s perspective so the class can identify more quickly with the material.

Participants start out with a presentation using their current skills.  This is videotaped.  As the course progresses they are given different skills and tools in each module.  After each module they will give another presentation and receive feedback from the class, instructor, and videotape.  Each participant gives three presentations per class.  They can see the gradual transformation as they progress through the class. At the end of the class each person gives a final presentation using all the skills, tips, and tools they received during the session.  Each participant then shares what the biggest difference(s) is before and after taking the class.


  • Knowing your audience and identifying your objective(s) and main points.
  • Developing thorough preparation skills that save time.
  • Developing material that’s concise, to the point, and interesting.
  • Learning a successful presentation format that works.
  • How to get the audience involved.
  • Easy tips for making a dynamic PowerPoint presentation.
  • How to control the tempo of your presentation (not too slow, not too fast)
  • How to create powerful eye contact so you’re speaking to each person.
  • How to look and act professional creating the right image.
  • How to use voice, body language, and eye contact to your advantage.
  • Handling the toughest question and answer session.

Planning and Execution

This program is very strong on learning how to “craft” your message in a concise manner that grabs the audience’s attention and makes their message memorable.

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