The Great Leadership Failure

People don’t quit their job, they quit their boss. People don’t quit their job, they quit their boss. Many leaders have been afraid up until this pandemic to allow team member to work from home, n

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The Great Leadership Failure

Eight Ways to Increase Your Work/Life Ba

Work-life balance is a concept that describes the ideal of splitting one’s time and energy between work and the outside work aspects of their life. Achieving work-life balance is a daily challen

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Eight Ways to Increase Your Work/Life Balance in 2020
19 Ways to be a Pro at Home

The Ten Most Underrated Skills Today

1. Few would disagree that self-awareness is unrelated to leadership success, but it rarely makes the top 10 list of key leadership competencies. Self-awareness is the starting point for authenticity

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The Ten Most Underrated Skills Today

Getting Things Done Using Influence

In today’s business environment it seems like having influence is becoming more and more important. Without influence it’s difficult to accomplish what you really need to get done. It coul

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Getting Things Done Using Influence

Increasing Your Emotional Intelligence

So the key to emotional intelligence is to develop your awareness of your emotions, then understand them, then how to manage them. Once you master this then you can better recognize and understand oth

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Increasing Your Emotional Intelligence

Stress – It’s No Big Deal

Course Overview

Working from home can be very stressful! In today’s very challenging work environment (especially with children home from school or older parents.) Over 79% of all employees say they are “stressed out” and not satisfied with their work/life balance.  After years of research on stress in the workplace and at home this new version of this popular course provides each participant with an effective action plan for reducing his/her stress (both at work/home and in his or her personal life.)

His program takes each participant on a path of self-discovery that will help him/her develop strategies to reduce their stress.  All of the activities are done in teams to encourage participation and sharing.

Course Objectives

This course will help each participant to determine which events causes him/her stress and why.  Each participant will then learn how to identify his/her own symptoms of stress so they can take action to reduce it

Finally, each participant will learn tips, tools, ideas, and strategies for reducing their stress. As opposed to other programs that focus on short-term solutions, this program shows participants how to develop an action plan they feel is realistic to implement those long-term strategies they identified after they leave the class.   For example, each participant will learn:

  • The true definition of stress
  • To identify their stressors
  • The different stages of stress
  • The difference between good stress and bad stress
  • How to recognize their symptoms of stress
  • That they have choices and more control than they think
  • Ways that they create their own stress
  • The root causes of their stress (work, home, and/or personal)
  • To embrace change instead of fighting it
  • Strategies for reducing their stress
  • Thirty proven stress reducers
  • That many of the other participants in the class are experiencing the same high level of stress

***Participants develop a realistic and achievable stress reduction action plan to improve their stress level at the end of  the class that they take when they leave.

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