How to Save 2 Hours a Day

Productivity Improvement Starts with Improving Your Awareness The first step in improving your daily results (work and personal) is to become more of your time and how you’re using it. That will

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How to Save 2 Hours a Day


BECOMING A “CAN’T MISS” SALES PROFESSIONAL Zig Ziglar said, “In the sales world, qualities such as organization, discipline, commitment combined with sales knowledge, a caring

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The Ten Tips of Christmas

TIP ONE – How to Increase Your Analytical or Strategic Thinking The faster you go, the less control you will feel. Here are ten steps you can take to become a more analytic or strategic thinker:

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The Ten Tips of Christmas

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In today’s business environment it seems like having influence is becoming more and more important. Without influence it’s difficult to accomplish what you really need to get done. It coul

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Ten Ways to Increase Your Emotional Inte

So the key to emotional intelligence is to develop your awareness of your emotions, then understand them, then how to manage them. Once you master this then you can better recognize and understand oth

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Ten Ways to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence

The Path to Becoming a More Effective Sales Professional

Course Description and Overview 

Today sales professionals are drowning in a sea of meetings, emails, interruptions, reports, and urgent requests. Sound familiar? Because salespeople have so much freedom and independence in the world of selling, they do not always exercise good judgement or sound integrity as they go about the business of selling.

Zig Ziglar posses this question, “Can I more effectively handle the overwhelming commitments of each day?” The answer is to show a sales professional (in a realistic and achievable way) how to have more discipline and how to more effectively manage a typical, chaotic sales day. He proposes the importance of being a well-organized sales professional!

He goes on to say, “Real sales professionals, with no more time than average sales performers, will spend twice (2X) as many hours in front of prospects as average producers do. It takes “TIME” to be successful in addition to talent and knowledge!

Sales professionals are jumping from task to task, handling every interruption and request the second it occurs and thus often fail to meet his or her goals for that day.

This course shows sales professionals how to have the discipline Zig Ziglar talks about in his last book. How to take control of your day, plan and make more effective sales calls, manage email more effectively, manage interruptions, prioritize more quickly and accurately, finish more of what matters most, achieve your daily sale’s goals, and even enjoy your personal life more.

This application-based course, The Path to Becoming a More Effective Sales Professional starts with laying out your goals for the year/month/week, then day. Participants spend the rest of the class developing a realistic and achievable “Path”  for meeting those goals. Participants will learn how to strategically plan taking into account typical chaotic, ever-changing day, full of immediate requests, so they achieve those goals.

This half-day program will show participants how to correctly determine the optimal time and a place for each activity or action that will improve what you’re accomplishing daily/weekly. By learning how to allocate your time and energy you can think ahead, ask better questions, clarify expectations, re-prioritize on the fly as your day is changing, and improve your daily and weekly results. In addition, you’ll learn how to manage, leverage, and utilize technology (Outlook, iPad,  and/or smart phone) to enhance your daily/weekly results.

To save time and become more strategic it is important to question and validate everything you are doing, daily and weekly, plus look for new ways to proactively handle a typical overwhelming day. As an example there is an optimal time to sell, provide customer service, and organize for the following day according to our research.

Improving the quality of your communication is actually the fastest way to become more effective. These days most people have too many lists or none at all. Participants learn how to develop his or her own, customized list (only one) to track what he or she needs to accomplish, details, requests, projects, thoughts, and ideas. It can be paper or electronic (based on your preference.) You will improve your follow-up skills and attend to details.

This course pays for itself in less than 30 days. Our clients report a double-digit increase in sales the first month after their sales group finishes this half-day program. Every participant, young or old, new or experienced, will leave will new skills or enhanced skills.

What You Will Learn

At the close of the half-day workshop participants will be able to:

  • Take control of his/her day
  • Use the end of each day to set up your calls for the next day (better planning)
  • Put those daily goals into action, “blended” with urgent requests, emails, and unforeseen problems
  • Get off to a faster start each day (because you already have a plan.)
  • Leave work at work mentally (so you don’t think about it all night)
  • Accomplish more than just putting out fires all day long
  • Become thorough at follow-up and details
  • How to take less time to update, maintain, and capitalize on the CRM you’re using
  • Quickly and accurately prioritize and negotiate new requests
  • More effectively control interruptions so they take less time
  • Have better discipline so you don’t jump from task to task all day long
  • Control, organize, and write better e-mail that gets answered faster
  • Organize your day and week so you get more done in less time
  • Plan shorter, more effective meetings with your clients and prospects
  • Increase your focus and concentration so you make better presentations
  • Create balance between work and home
  • See immediate results (that last)


Module One – How to Develop a Single, Customized Master List to Track Details, Tasks, Important Information, and Ideas

Module Two – How to Plan and Organize a More Effective Day/Week (To generate more sales calls and selling time)

Module Three – How to Take Control of Your Day (and not get derailed)

Module Four – How to Quickly and Correctly Prioritize Every Request (and Give Others Your Priorities)

Module Five – How to Utilize and Manage Outlook More Effectively (The Key Tips)

Module Six – How to Organize Your Writing So You Close More Sales

Module Seven – How to Plan and Execute a More Effective Sales Meeting

Module Eight – How to Recognize and Overcome Procrastination

**Customize the program you schedule by choosing the modules that best fit the needs of your group!


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